Frequently Asked Questions about Almir Live

Almir Live is a cloud based quality management and compliance software suite.

Almir Live is accessible from the following URL: 

You can start using the software by logging in using the username and passwords provided.

As a cloud based software suite, you can access Almir Live from nearly any device with internet access. This includes your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

The actual speed of Almir Live depends on the speed of your Internet connection. A broadband Internet connection is recommended for the best download experience.

Almir Live subscribers can access the system from any device. Subscriptions are based on user details and passwords.

Almir Live is accessible from PC’s, Macs, tablets and smartphones based on individual user details and passwords.

For multiple users, please contact on support team for company registrations.

The latest version is Almir Live 2.0.

A streamlined experience for accessing summary data that highlights all your key data.

A new “my dashboards” feature that will allow you to effortlessly navigate to the information that you need to make better decisions.

A “quick links” option that will allow you engage regular tasks to make the process of quality management in a more intuitive way.

Improved cloud based features so one live tool now integrates between both mobile and desktop devices.

Improved company folder security features that increases the protection of your key data

New standalone reporting features.

One touch printing and reporting options for greater flexibility.

Alerts – that remind you of upcoming events.

New administration settings options that allow you to personalize your experience with Almir Live 2.0

Improved help functionality (documentation, live online, videos)

Free Trial

  1. Create or sign in with an existing Almir Live account at
  2. Provide payment information so that you do not experience any interruptions with your service. And, should you wish to continue using Almir Live after the demo period.
  3. The payment method you provide will be automatically charged at the end of your first free month. You can cancel anytime without penalty before your trial ends.

The trial gives you access to all the features of Almir Live.

It includes:

  •   Fully installed cloud based version of Almir Live 2.0.
  •   Access for up to 3 users.
  •   Fully accessible from desktop and mobile devices.
  •   Free access to all live features.
  •   1 XX of cloud storage.

You are asked to provide credit card information to help ensure that you do not experience any interruptions with your service of Almir Live once your trial ends.

Your credit card will not be billed until the end of the trial period.

You can cancel anytime during the trial period.

Your service will continue uninterrupted and your payment method will be automatically charged at the end of the trial, and then monthly thereafter.

You do not need to re-install Almir Live.

Not immediately.

One year after your trial or paid subscription ends, you can sign up for a new trial.

Billing and Administration

Auto-renew is the simplest way to ensure continued service. You can set up monthly or annual auto-renew by visiting www.Almir

All Almir Live customers with an active subscription will always receive the newest versions of the Almir Live software suite when they are available.

The latest version is Almir Live 2.0.

You may order a CD or email back-up copy of your data from our support team.

Visit for details.

As a cloud based system, there is no need to uninstall Almir Live.

To cancel your subscription, simply contact our administration team at:

Yes, data that you create belongs fully to you.

If you cancel your subscription, end your trial or if it expires, you can still access and download all your files for six months by signing in to Almir Live directly using the account that you used to set up Almir Live.

Files will be read-only and cannot be edited.

Support and Resources

Visit Almir Live Support for help on technical issues, including:

  •    Order status
  •    Billing
  •    Download
  •    Product activation
  •    Product use

For help and how-to content, visit support. For free video-based training, visit